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Liberating Data for Better Business Outcomes


At Kompozable we’re all about harnessing the power of data and technology to enable better informed decisions, competitive advantage and sustainable growth.

And that means integrating, modernising and optimising data, applications and technology. It also requires organisations to address the people, process, governance and behavioural aspects of good data management to turn data into a more valuable and valued asset.

We provide expertise in four areas:
- Intelligent business automation, data integration and process optimisation
- Modern data estates, platforms, data engineering and analytics
- Composable enterprise applications, including migration to cloud-ERP
- Harnessing the potential of intelligent technology – AI/ML, digital twins, predictive analytics

Businesses that focus on these four things, are more resilient, more adaptable, more innovative and will drive success through data-led strategies.

We help you thrive in the digital economy by engineering and delivering innovative, pragmatic solutions to deliver tangible business outcomes.

Whether we’re helping you to integrate data and applications to realise new business capabilities, move to a modern data platform, or get the most out of your existing applications, we make data and technology work for you.

Data Liberation Services

Data Liberation Services

Our core mission is to enable organisations to harness the true potential of their data. Whether you’re transitioning to the cloud, establishing a modern data platform, or liberating data from ERP systems and integrating data with newer SaaS platforms, our range of modern Data Liberation Services can assist you.

We’ve identified seven patterns for data liberation that deliver better business outcomes:

  • Drive end-to-end process integration
  • Improve user experience
  • Enable better master data management (MDM)
  • Provide operational intelligence
  • Empower business intelligence and advanced analytics
  • Boost business process improvement
  • Strengthen compliance and controls

Our Data Liberation Services are applicable to all sizes and shapes of organisations, with an array of data sources and applications.

At the extremes, we can help:

  • SAP customers looking to integrate S/4 ERP to other 3rd party applications or use Azure, Databricks or Snowflake for your modern data platform, or AWS
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central customers looking to migrate from NAV, use Power Platform to extend your business capabilities, and Power BI to up your data analytics game

And anybody in between!

We work with trusted technology partners, including Microsoft Azure, AWS and providers of key data management tools, to make data more accessible, increase the productivity of data and integration teams through low code development and integration, pipeline engineering and data warehouse/data lake management.

Our expertise spans from development of practical data strategies and robust governance frameworks to intelligent integration, automation, and modern data platform delivery and data engineering.

We do the architecture, engineering and implementation “heavy lifting”, so you can concentrate on improving your business, and delivering more value from your data:

  • Faster time to insight for business stakeholders
  • Higher quality datasets and improved productivity for Data Analysts and Data Scientists
  • Converging IT & OT data for optimised operations
  • Better dashboards and near real-time reporting for better management decisions
  • Higher quality data that can be trusted at the point of use
  • Modernised data estate that can support further digital transformation, composability and the monetisation of the data estate
Data Liberation Services

Strategy & Advisory Services - Data-Driven Strategy & Composable Architecture

Financial pressures on businesses are only set to increase in coming months and years. It is even more vital to get the most out of your systems and data. End-to-end processes need to run as effectively as possible. Data needs to be seamlessly integrated and leveraged to deliver value and insights.

Now organisations have multiple pressures to drive efficiencies, become more data-driven and enable digital aspirations. Sweat existing investments in ERP and modernise the business applications and data landscape. All, at the same time.

Composability is the next step in thinking about business, data and application architectures to provide flexibility and resilience.  The ability to respond and change is enabled by developments and evolutions in technology and is underpinned by more intelligent management of data. For all the talk of “big data” and “unstructured data”, ERP and business applications still need to be at the heart of delivering this vision for data-driven, digital enterprises, and not be the constraint.

Through our Kompozable strategic advisory and architecture services, we will help you maximise the value of your data, applications and technology investments by:

  • Aligning data and technology strategies to strategic objectives
  • Defining target business, data and application technology architectures
  • Developing practical implementation roadmaps and supporting business cases
  • Quickly delivering proof of value demonstrations
  • Helping to establish effective, sustainable data and architecture ways of working and governance frameworks

We work with you to architect and engineer the path to a more composable, data-driven business to build the flexibility, agility and resilience you need to thrive in the digital era.

Start quote
We worked together on defining our future target operating model, identifying the information that we needed to run the business and defining the applications and technology required to digitally enable it. Bryan’s expertise in technology-enabled change, broad business and industry knowledge was invaluable.

Louisa McCann

Finance Director

Start quote
We found Kompozable's expertise across a broad range of supply chain and operations business areas to be invaluable in building a framework for aligning our ERP and technology roadmaps to our business objectives. The framework we jointly developed allows us to examine how different technologies can be used to bring business benefits and will provide a solid foundation for mobilising new projects

Tom Willis

Programme Director - Operations, Supply Chain and Technology, Diploma plc

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