What We Do

Drive Supply Chain performance through smart data integration and automation


At Kompozable, we blend deep supply chain expertise with technological acumen to deliver real business outcomes to our clients.

We help you thrive in the digital economy by engineering and delivering solutions that are both innovative and pragmatic, to deliver tangible business outcomes across your supply chain and operations:

- Transparency and visibility
- Cost-effectiveness and efficiency
- Agility and responsiveness
- Resilience and adaptability

Our technical expertise:

- Integration platforms (iPaaS)
- Data integration and pipeline engineering (ELT/ETL)
- Intelligent business automation and digitalisation, including RPA and IDP
- Modern data services and platforms (data lake, lakehouse and warehouse)
- Composable enterprise application development

Come to us for:

Come to us for:


  • Supply chain data and integration strategy

Our strategy engineers and architects will align your overall objectives to a coherent supply chain data and integration strategy.  We’ll jointly develop a roadmap to leverage integration and data management technologies that enhance application-to-application and business-to-business communication across the supply chain and make internal and external data available for advanced analytics and decision-making.


  • ERP data liberation

Harness the true potential of data with our Data Liberation service. Whether you’re transitioning to the cloud, establishing a modern data platform, or liberating it from ERP systems and integrating it with newer SaaS platforms, our range of Data Liberation Services can assist you.


  • Supply chain integration implementation

Supercharge your business operations with industry-leading supply chain integrations. Our team of experienced engineers, knowledge of common supply chain challenges and our extensive network of technology partnerships ensures we build you a supply chain integration platform that’s fit for tomorrow.

Come to us for:



  • Data integration and low-code data engineering

Supply chain decisions depend on reliable and accessible data. Through industry-leading data management tools, our data engineers deliver data integration solutions that connect your internal and external data sources to whatever flavour of modern data platform you chose, build semantic data models and deliver the data products your organisation needs.


  • Intelligent automation and AI from strategy to implementation

Assess existing processes and uncover opportunities best suited for automation and AI enhancements. Whether through traditional methods or by using advanced process mining and task discovery tools like Celonis or Inverbis, we provide tailored analysis that aligns with your organisational goals, ensuring that identified opportunities are actionable and impactful.

Start quote
We worked together on defining our future target operating model, identifying the information that we needed to run the business and defining the applications and technology required to digitally enable it. Bryan’s expertise in technology-enabled change, broad business and industry knowledge was invaluable.

Louisa McCann

Finance Director

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We found Kompozable's expertise across a broad range of supply chain and operations business areas to be invaluable in building a framework for aligning our ERP and technology roadmaps to our business objectives. The framework we jointly developed allows us to examine how different technologies can be used to bring business benefits and will provide a solid foundation for mobilising new projects

Tom Willis

Programme Director - Operations, Supply Chain and Technology, Diploma plc

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