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Intelligent technology can be transformational for businesses when it’s used properly.

Composable businesses are more resilient, more adaptable, more innovative and will ultimately be shown to be more successful.

We make intelligent technology simple and accessible. Guided by your overall strategic business objectives, we support your digital aspirations by engineering and delivering innovative, pragmatic solutions to improve your performance.

Whether we’re helping you to integrate technologies to realise new capabilities or get the most out of your existing applications, we make intelligent technology work for you.



Revenue management and Invoice to Cash (I2C) can be challenging for B2B service and product companies.

Financial leaders have been let down by today’s enterprise application vendors, resulting in fragmented processes, dated systems and siloed data across the organisation. These inefficiencies create unattractive work environments, leading to mundane, manual work and preventing effective service delivery to your customers.

We use intelligent technologies to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and agility of your key financial management capabilities, ultimately improving your cashflow and reducing revenue risk. We work with you to identify the opportunities that will deliver the most value to your organisation, and work quickly to deliver solutions, iteratively designing and testing to ensure that outcomes are achieved quickly.

By harnessing best-in-class intelligent finance technologies, we help you to realise a range of benefits including:

  • Quicker payments
  • Improved Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
  • Sharper risk identification
  • Decreased provisions & write-offs
  • Streamlined collections and reduced manual activities

Supply chain
and operations

Today’s organisations don’t always fully exploit the capabilities and opportunities offered by modern business applications.

Often, they do not have the expertise and time to optimise and maintain the data and parameters that common platforms need to operate at peak performance. Left unchecked, these parameters can impact day-to-day decisions and lead to sub-optimal stock and inefficient operations management, tying up working capital, incurring additional cost and impacting customer service.

We integrate and automate end-to-end processes, connecting common business applications to other technologies across your organisation, ensuring that they work effectively together. We create feedback loops that automatically assess and optimise your platform’s parameters, removing manual work and giving you more time to focus on growing your business. We help you to harness new intelligent technologies, creating additional opportunities to optimise working capital, inventory, resource management and asset availability.

Intelligent technologies can add a range of benefits to supply chain and operations management, including:

  • Improved purchasing & inventory management
  • Better inbound logistics management
  • More efficient manufacturing & value-add management
  • Streamlined finished goods warehouse management
  • Faster pick, pack & ship operations
  • Easier outbound / 3rd-party distribution & logistics
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We worked together on defining our future target operating model, identifying the information that we needed to run the business and defining the applications and technology required to digitally enable it. Bryan’s expertise in technology-enabled change, broad business and industry knowledge was invaluable.

Louisa McCann

Finance Director

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We found Bryan’s expertise across a broad range of supply chain and operations business areas to be invaluable in building a framework for aligning our ERP and technology roadmaps to our business objectives. The framework we jointly developed allows us to examine how different technologies can be used to bring business benefits and will provide a solid foundation for mobilising new projects

Tom Willis

Programme Director - Operations,
Supply Chain and Technology, Diploma plc

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