Drive Supply Chain performance through smart data integration and automation


We design and implement data management and integration solutions to supercharge your supply chain

Using the latest data management and integration technologies, we streamline processes and make data available for consumption where you need it most.

We engineer data and integration solutions to deliver business outcomes, ensuring that data moves seamlessly through your entire supply chain and operations – propelling your organisation's strategy.

Supply chain transformation specialists

Our expertise in data and technology-driven supply chain optimisation can be harnessed across a wide range of data and integration scenarios, from strategy and roadmapping to turn-key implementation and support:

  • Customer and Supplier integration
  • ERP data liberation
  • Best-of-breed application integration
  • B2B integration
  • Low-code data pipeline engineering
  • Intelligent automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We’re different

At Kompozable, we blend deep supply chain expertise with technical know-how to drive tangible business outcomes.

We are not typical consultants; we are seasoned practitioners and engineers committed to delivering exceptional value through a hands-on approach.

With our deep industry knowledge and technical skills, we ensure your objectives are achieved effectively.






We have been architecting, engineering and delivering intelligent, integrated data and technology solutions for over three decades. By combining unrivalled industry experience, deep market knowledge and intelligent technology partnerships, we deliver innovative and pragmatic solutions to support your data-driven, digital transformation.