Using Boomi aXis to liberate your SAP data

In this partner blog post, Boomi expert @Yana Steinbruck discusses how Boomi’s modern integration platform (iPaaS) helps clients to accelerate modernisation of SAP ERP landscapes.

Here’s an excerpt – follow the link at the end to read the complete post.

“SAP is excellent at integrating business processes within its ERP through proprietary connectivity. But as any SAP customer knows, it’s not easy to connect the system with third-party apps – and these connectivity challenges can slow down the business.

In today’s world, nobody uses one monolithic system to run their entire business. Innovative organizations stay ahead of the competition by constantly adding – and subtracting – best-of-breed applications to run their operations better. That’s a “composable” ERP strategy. Yes, SAP might be the essential building block. But you must also seamlessly move data between those other vital blocks in your larger ERP ecosystem.

Enter Boomi. We’re application agnostic. We can connect everything, whether it’s hyperscalers like Amazon Web Services, the latest supply-chain management tool, or integrating SAP to other ERPs. In the cloud. On-premises. Edge devices. We don’t care how you choose to run your business. We help you do it better through seamless connectivity.

Our one-of-a-kind Boomi aXis for SAP solution is a connector that moves data in a way that synchronizes the information within other applications. That’s critical because when it comes to any ERP modernization project, knowing your data is trusted – wherever it lives – is essential for success.”

Boomi aXis provides the ability to, in effect, create custom APIs out of and into SAP.  That’s only one of several examples of how @Kompozable and our partners can help the challenges of liberating your ERP data.

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Boomi aXis helps to liberate data from your SAP ERP systems